I Was in London

A collection of what I did

March 1, 2017

Heya, you might know this already, you might not, depending how you know me, but I was in London for 4 months, interning for the Game Designer Minkette, doing all sorts of projects.

This article is a collection of those, mostly to keep everything in one neat place.

I finally uploaded this little edited video I made over there, taken from a bunch of snippets of video I took whenever.
It’s not exactly a great depiction of either London or what I did there, but it was a lot of fun to edit. Hope you enjoy it!

During my stay there, I also made a Photoblog chronicling what I did every week, which is right here.
It has most of the strange things I did in there, so if you want to read some stories about me being a corpse, creating cardboard Pokemon, being eaten by a shark, walking around crowded tube-stations, watching fireworks in the neighbours' garden, or otherwise strolling around London (oh yeah, and that trip to Los Angeles), you can read it all here.

And then I did some projects:

  • FRAMED. An interactive, livestreamed Escape Room.
  • RETHINKERS. A month-long ARG for recruitment for Dyson.
  • Escape-Room-in-a-Box. An kit for the creation of Escape Room’s in player’s own homes.
  • Ghostal Office. A text-adventure through physical letters. (didn’t finish)
  • Pokemon Throw. Cardboard Pokemon with sweets inside, for people to throw socks at.

That was it!

I had a blast in London, but now it’s time for very serious Master Thesis work :O

Until next time!