Webhook! And Updates!

New and better things are in the future! Here's my short description of what that means for this site.

February 28, 2015

Alright! I did it! I successfully upgraded to webhook! As can be seen by the fact that you're reading this on my new, webhook-powered site.

In my opinion, it's pretty great, and the look and feel of the site (and their new template "Solo") was one of the primary reasons I wanted to upgrade. Secondly, it gives me a lot more power to do weird stuff (like the banner image you see in the top!), and because it's all pure html and really easy to code with, I can quickly customize things and fiddle around with how things are set up.

Now, most of the previous content is here, in pretty much the same format as it was on the wordpress site. I'm probably missing some hyperlinks somewhere and other stuff might be a little janky, but it should pretty much all "work" from here on out, as it all did on the wordpress site.


For the exciting part, you can see a new tab in the top right corner called "Pieces", along with the writing tab that was also present in my wordpress site. The Pieces tab also includes writing, but of a somewhat different kind. The Writing tab will hold my "done" work, the stuff I consider to be good and over and I (probably) won't change much in the future.
The Pieces tab includes work of a much more raw form, because I've recently got this idea that I've been doing the past week: Write something really quick every 2nd day and call it done. I generally don't spend more than 15-20 minutes writing these pieces and then maybe another 15-20 minutes editing them the next day (I've told myself to keep a maximum minute count of 60 for all work related to one piece, so no piece will have gotten more work than that).
These will be done every second day and I so far have done 6 of these, totaling to almost two weeks of doing this :D I'm really happy with the results so far, so and I've uploaded the 3 best ones up in that tab for you to read if you want. I might start uploading them all, but it'll take a little more mental convincing of me to start uploading the ones I consider to be bad.... but maybe I just should anyway..

So that's it! Other than that, it should work pretty much like the old site and be pretty straight-forward from here, so have a look around! I'll be writing every so often on here and, who knows, it might be good?!