August 31, 2015

Year Recap (2014-2015)

I have now had this blog for (over) a year!

My first article went up on the 19th of August 2014.
I’m not sure what to feel about that.

For one part, I’m super glad I started it. It’s been great at making me write something about what I am doing, and it’s been a decent way to get writing up online and get people reading it.

On the other hand, I feel like I haven’t necessarily done a lot with it. Especially recently. I mean, in the last two months I uploaded one blog article and four pieces. That’s not a lot. And while I have been more prolific in the past, I have still not done a lot at any point.
In total, I’ve uploaded 27 blogs and 17 pieces (and three pieces of writing (and two games)). I guess that sounds okay, but it’s not amazing. That’s around one blog every second week.
I guess I’m still not great at writing about… me. I tend to only write whenever something big happened, whenever I have a piece I feel is good enough. I write a blog when I feel… inspired (Eugh). And sometimes not even then.
Maybe I should just be more haphazard about what I consider good enough or big.

For example, I haven’t written a word about the project(s) I’m starting this fall. I haven’t written a word about the fact that I (perhaps stupidly) started writing a second book. I haven’t written a word about Rocket League, haven’t written about The Witcher 3. I haven’t written about my dive into playing piano. I haven’t written a word about the things I’ve read recently, about what I’ve written recently.

I think…

Hmm… Yeah. I don’t know.

Perhaps I need to tell you about the time I bought milk only to see it being driven over by a truck (that’s my way of saying I should talk about the small stuff more.) Perhaps I should talk about my odd musings about the world more. Perhaps the anxious devastation I feel when doing this means that it’s the right thing to do.
Or perhaps I’m a mess and we should stop worrying.


Perhaps I should commit to writing something every week. Anything, everything. Just an article about something.

And my first thought when thinking that is: “But what would I write about?” and I cower away in fear of boring, non-content articles that don’t mean anything.
But maybe that’s exactly why I should be doing it. I already know that knowing what to write is not a pre-requisite for writing (hey, I should probably write about that), so I should stop telling myself that it’s hard and instead start remembering that life is story. Become a little more candid. God knows I need it.
And then I tell myself that my life is not one where interesting things happen, and I’d only have boring stuff to tell. But who the fuck’d know if I started making up stuff about a robot-ghost dog I keep in my drawer. Well, maybe a few people would, but the rest of ya’ll wouldn’t have a clue.

Be prepared for the grand legend about Robby, The Robot-Ghost Dog. It’s gonna be HUGE.

I should probably come up with a better name than Robby. But who cares, it’s a ROBOT-GHOST DOG.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop.

I suppose it’s all a matter of trying. So here goes: One blog a week. When’s the deadline? Is it today (Monday)? Do I have to have it finished by Sunday? Or should I get it done before weekend?

Hmm. No, weekends seem useful. So Sunday. That’s my deadline.

Hold me to it, all right?