Flash Fiction
April 16, 2015

"It's cloudy up there, you know."

"Yeah. But I have to see it."

"I don't think you do. But you know I'll follow you."

She smiled. "Yeah, I do."

They dashed across the wind in fluid, air-confident motions, landing ever briefly on a patch of land that floated as lightly as the breeze in the treetops that cascaded below in blue colors.

"I can hear it!" he shouted.

But she still didn't see it, which was what she wanted to.

"Where?" She made a quick skip and flipped around mid-air, rotating her entire body in the wildest, most elegant motions and landed safely on the small patch of ground that had nothing around it. Whirling, then pulling to a dead stop, she listened to the thousands of movements the world did around her.

"No, nothing."

"No? It's right over there. On the precipice. On the cusp of something. It's waiting."

"Lead the way, then," she smiled.

In the most perfect of motions, he set off, flying towards the abyss of the sky, skirting along the edges of what wasn't even tangible, yet he kept in complete control. She followed, laughing while she grabbed hold of the cloud they used as a hinge to pull themselves forward, leaping upwards in amazing speeds.

She was listening, but the sounds of the still, endless things that went extinct and hurdled towards the middle of the world in thunderous collapses and the sounds of the constant appearances of new, fickle matter that was soon to dematerialize filled her heart too fully to listen to anything else. He could hear it, she knew that, but she had no chance to hear the noise.

"Come on, you're slow!"

"I'm here, dummy!" she said, her feet already landing a breath before him, as he was looking at the swirling winds she had left behind. He laughed when he spotted her.

"Yeah? Well, watch out where you're going because it's right there." He rolled, dashed down and landed a gale away from her, nodding.

She turned around and saw a little dot of something huge, a world inside an infinitely small space, a turned over, fallen down, collapsed piece of space that was both as small as them and as big as the collapsing aether below. It made the tiniest of sounds. A little speck of jitter, as if it was desperately trying to move, the formless shapes inside it weighing it down into its tiny, almost invisible place.

"Wow. It's tiny."

"No, it's noise. It just is. Look up."

She looked up and saw it again, just the same, just as tiny and just as big, as if it was placed up there all along. She glanced around, down, behind her and saw the same: A dot that didn't move, yet was always where she looked.

"Yeah. I see." The noise was as if gone from this world, yet remaining in it, it didn't fall or appear, it wasn't tangible like the ground they were standing on. Yet, it moved just like every other piece, every other space they knew, just inside itself. It just was, as a never-ending, collapsing, recreating, fast and frantic, yet stunningly perfect space in the world, a point that couldn't be touched or felt or seen. And yet, they knew it was there, hidden in its own bland disguise.


I don't know what this is, but I'm pretty happy about it regardless. I really like the movement of it and the descriptions of most things. It's got a quality to it I really dig even if I can't agree with myself if I think it's got a story or not.
It's definitely also got a Worlds'y quality to it (which is where I got the picture in the top from too), and since I've been listening a lot to that album I guess there's no reason to be surprised. I might write something more detailed about it at some point, but right now let's just enjoy some noise :)