Sunday Morning Game Majora's Mask Part 15

Link Becomes a Farmer and That Means It Is Time to Fight Cow-Abducting Ghosts.

July 5, 2020

(I play a game 1 hour every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. Currently I'm playing through Majora's Mask. See previous parts here.)

Last time, got some Goron praises and almost got roped into being their leader, before we graciously ducked out and blew up some big rocks with some big explosions.

This time, we got another big rock to blow up with another big explosion. Now that I'm a certified rock up-blower.

First though, I tried bouncing by the blacksmith with my newly acquired gold dust, but they wouldn't have any of it before they upgraded my sword normally first, so I said no thanks and left, down to go buy some powder kegs.

One problem:

I forgot to actually go back to the test-giver after I blew up the road to the race track, so I teleport back and forth in between Clocktown and Goron Village until it works out.

i mean, no? It wasn't bad of you? you can't just back out now. You say the kegs are dangerous and demand tests, and then say that, oh actually, the tests are bad?


And he does give a powder keg, but I have a feeling that for what I'm about to do I need to reset time, so I do so and, naturally, lose that powder keg again

Okay, Tatl. I could not give any less care about the direction of the ocean. I have rocks to blow up.

New problem:

Right, I handed off all my money because of the reset. I could just pull them out the bank again, buut, it's just 50. That shouldn't take that long.

Turns out, that's not actually a pull, because I have made my newest, greatest discovery in this game:

I call it

Ball Farmin'.

You see, I can roll around like a ball now. And there are a lot of bushes outside the town in Termina Field. And you can just...


...through all...

...the bushes.

And they ALL drop money! So you just go phooooof--rollin-rollin-rollin and it's darn fun AND there's suddenly 50 rupees in ya pocket!

Damn, that's great. It's maybe not the most efficient farm, but it's far more fun, and that's the most important.

I go in and hand it into the bank again and he's very impressed

Yeah, boy. You know it.

I'm an adult now! Or at least, I faked it enough to warrant an adult wallet! Nothin' more dangerous than a kid with adult money. Now we're about to go show it

Hey buddy. You may want to move.

Kudos to him, he actually does when I place the keg. Not bad!

BOOOM (got that screenshot a little late)

Hey, I get ya. It always sucks when you've been doing an honest job pickaxing your way through a rock and some douchebag just comes with a big powder keg and blows up all your work.

Time to check out this ranch! On the first day! Last time, it was a pretty sad affair, let's see if we can't improve that.

Look! It's the moon! It's still angry!

Oh. This again? I don't know what you're talking about Tatl.
(Also how does Tatl know that that is my horse. She didn't know me when I had a horse)

Anyway, let's ignore that and talk to the inhabitants.

Okay. That's... uh, at least they didn't name the ranch "Milk".

...but? What you got against links? They can take you places, and it's the German word for left, and it's an old type of golf course (and I LINKED to that, see? Good word.), so you better have a good explanation

That... makes a lot of sense. I'll take it. "patter" is a good description of Link's--Grashopper's--walk.

Why are you talking about yourself in third person?

Oh? They? The Evil Milk Reviewers?

wait what's happening.
It kicked into this cutscene mode. I don't know...

That's a lot of setup for Snarky Milk Critiquers.

Wow, they don't look kind. Or like they know milk that well.

"Riding in a bright shining ball"? What?

...wwhaaat are they doing to the cows?

Oh ok, that was all. I don't understand why she wouldn't believe a story like that. Seems really credible. I'm a bit of a ghost connoisseur, you see. I've met... at least 3.

Yes, Romani must do so.

Oh that was quick.
I'm in.

Ok, no reason to be sexist about it.

Bring it

That's the enemy's strategy...

Strategy: Hit them with arrows. Got it. Sound strategy. I see no ways that can fail. I can come up with nothing better.

And then she tells me to practice with the 10 ghost-shaped balloons over the ranch, and wants me to hit them withint 2 minutes. Okay, I can do that. I have practiced for this my whole time in... sometime, when I used my bow a lot in Ocarina. I don't remember. Let's do it

Wait. Nononono you didn't say I was gonna be on one of these weird creatures. I'm not ready for this get me off get me off get me off


what'ss haapenning aaah I don't think it likes me

Phew. Down again. Oof. Oof. Sigh. Phew. What did you say?

That's ok, you don't need to. Really.

Great! Awesome! Now I know which song to never play!

Okay. Who's... Epona?

Are we? I don't know who this horsie is. I've never met them.

That I have! I'm ready! As long I can do it on my own two feet, I'm good!

It doesn't start until 2 at night, though, so I got a little time to explore the ranch while we're waiting!

There's a Doggy Race Ring:

In which this kind lady forces dogs to run around in circles, so no one other than me can bet on them.
Seems a bit odd. But I'll bite. The Brown one! There, at the back!

Oh bugger we're not off to a good start are we?

It's there. Somewhere... In the background...

No reason to rub it in lady. it was my first time, okay?

Moving on! I don't like that!

Then there's a Cucoo place.

It's very empty.

Woah, hey there buddy. You okay? Your eyes have... no pupils. Sick mohawk, though. (it's a little hard to see because of the UI)

And then there's the main house, in which we meet the manager of the place:

It is! I opened it! With a big boom! Big Booms are for sale! I do them practically for free!

C...Cremia? Uhhh. Hm.. My face is that smiley with the teeth right now.

There's... some odd innuendo/sexual tension about this whole story. I don't like it. I can't tell if it's intentional or not and in either case it's just... ugh.

Both of these girls are also flirting with Link.

Hey, I have an Adult Wallet, if you please. I demand respect.

And just see how she describes her milk:

"Forbidden", "mystical", "dreamy" milk, that fills you with "magic power".
Is it just me? Am I crazy here?

What the... Okay, whatever, let's go help protect the magic cows against ghosts.


you got it. I got the outside, you got the inside. Wait. They're all coming from the outside, right? Right?

Here they come!

There is indeed a bright shining ball of light.

Weee'reee heeeree tooo critiqueee miiiilkkkk... spooookyy sounds

And ghosts! With lanterns!

Who are... where are they coming from? Who's controlling the ball of light? Why? What's... going on here?
I don't know but the answer is to shoot them all with arrows.

And, hey. I don't fail. We both know this. But let's just... for hypotheticals... for, you know, shits and giggles, see what happens IF I failed. Just for posterity. And science.

The big shining light goes over the barn.

And BREAKS the roof??

Why do the ghosts need to get in then? Does the light just need a ghost-on-the-inside?

And they they abduct the cows into the light...

Alien style. Huh. Did not expect that.
Alien Ghosts.

Oh and they also abduct Romani. Of course they do.

But that all doesn't matter, because it didn't happen! In the REAL timeline, the ghosts are vanquished!

See! (The little puffs of smoke are ghosts)

And she's fine! No abductions!

I'm sure she helped. Off screen. You don't want to know how many ghosts she fought inside the barn. You thought it was bad outside? Hah.

A cow's thanks is the greatest thanks. My father always used to say that.

my father I definitely have and who exists and I know.

I'm gonna drink your thanks...?

And hey, look at that! What I was looking for, like, 10 episodes ago!

*grumpy voice* I'm not little! I have an Adult Wallet! It has Adult Content!

Uh, did I say that out loud?
I mean... it hass..... uh I better go.

I killed some ghosts to protect cows! That's a day's worth of work! Good job me. Let's find out what happens now, next time!