Sunday Morning Game Ocarina of Time Part 26

(Oh, I've been waiting a while to say this) ...Let's Go Slay a Dragon!

September 30, 2018

(I play Ocarina of Time every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. See previous parts here.)

Last time, we got through the final trials of the Fire Temple proper and now stand in front of the Boss Door with the Boss Key in hand, on a full keyboard, ready for the boss to come in.
Uh, moving on.

If the rumours are true, this is supposed to be a dragon. Which, two things:

1. I am a little annoyed that ruins my guessing game.
2. Finally, I get to do some actual HeroingTM and Slay a Dragon! They'll love it! I'll finally be popular!

So I head, full throttle, through the ready to fight...
...the dragon?


Dragon! ... Oh, it's one of those long Chinese ones... That's less... heroic. Also, still not a fan of the name.

And there's a little cutscene where if flies around in the air all menacing and then scoops down one of the holes again.

Link is all "Where'd the dragon go?"

And then, Fight Time!

Na'vi is once again proving her worth.

So... I was stuck a while on this boss. I'm afraid, if this was a Let's Play, it'd be one of those boring episodes where you see them bang their heads against the same thing over and over for half an hour. So instead of describing that, let me instead tell you something about this boss and how "fun" it is.

It's got three moves: It can pop out of a hole and sit, and eventually breathe fire. It can pop out of the hole and fly around and breathe fire. Or it can pop out, fly around, and cause rocks to fall onto the ground. If you touch it at any time, during any phase, it damages you.
The only time you can hit it is when it does its pop-out-to-sit-move, and you have to hit it with the Hammer (CLONK) before it breathes fire. And right when it pops out, it lashes around itself, also doing a lot of damage.
Oh, and the fire is more or less an instant death.

Every time you die, you have to go back to the room and watch that unskippable cutscene of it flying around a bit and Link losing object permanence before the fight begins.

So, how'd I die? Here it is in List Form, because everyone loves lists (The images effed the numbering up so you're getting a dotted list instead!):

  • Attempt One: A pop-out.
  • Attempt Two: Fire.
  • Attempt Three: Another pop-out.
  • Attempt Four: Fire.

  • Attempt Five: Flying and gently stroking me.
  • Attempt Six: Fire.
  • Attempt Seven: Rocks (...)

I also, at this point, learned that you can avoid the cutscene trigger instead of entering the fight and just run around the arena without the dragon there, if you really want.

Me, on the other side of the room, without spawning the dragon. I feel like a speed runner. Without the... speed element.

Sooo, that's neat?

And on attempt 8, I finally did it. It took 5 hits (I think? I didn't count. But I'm really starting to lose faith in this rules of three thing...)

I... might've broken something

This is how fire dragons die.

In the air.

And then, cutscene!

This is the most exciting thing that's happened in seven years in Kakariko village. Ever since that Kokiri kid came and destroyed the cemetery.

Link casts Clear Skies. It's like he's playing a Northern Kingdoms deck or something (will anyone get this reference?)

And then Chamber of Sages:

Guess who became the Sage of Fire? It was this guy.

I don't know what you're seeing. I saw a boy lose track of a dragon when it went inside a hole.

Destiny is not particularly funny after their funny-man died. It just plays sombre piano music in the Tower. (What's up with my references today. You win a prize if you get at least one of them!)

Ooo, shiiny!

Wait, he died, right? So now we're true brothers?
Right? Because... where was he in the fight? He must've died to the dragon. Why does this make us true brothers?
What's that saying, when someone dies they become your true brother?? We didn't even do anything together!

...Whatever, game.

Done with that whole thing, I was now once again thrown out into the wilderness without any idea what else to do, so I went back to the source: The Temple of Time.

Turns out, noone was there. Sheik finally learned she'd got something better to do than wait for a silly green kid to save the world, I guess.

That Clear Skies spell doesn't last long.

So, without any direction from there, I thought I should go see if Kakariko Village has anything to say about my greatness now that their skies are clear and the mountain has been saved.

No? Hello?

No, look at me!!! Do you know where I just was?? I was way higher than this stupid lookout! *Throw tantrum*

As expected, no one appreciates my efforts around here, so I guess I better just go to where there are some who do:

Zora's Domain.

Okay, I don't know for certain that's where I need to go, but the pattern so far has been Forest -> Mountain -> Zora's and I'm just following suit. (I'm realizing now after I've written this that I should've gone to the Goron City instead to see the reaction? Because that was the region affected by the mountain. Silly me. I promise I'll do that next time!)

So, I decided I would go to Zora's Domain and thought I might as well take the slow way since it's been a while. But then as soon as I got to the river, I stumbled upon this strange plant.

Which, if you don't remember (why would you, I barely did) I planted a tree as a kid in that spot, and now it's turned into this slightly larger leaf-thing! Neat! So, what's it do?


It apparently flies! It's a flying plant. Quite a good seed I planted there, I must say.

And it just keeps flying.

Until it gets dark.


(ok, it doesn't take that long for it to get dark, but the contrast was striking).

And then it turns around at the end of the river and I hastily jump off, run up to the waterfall and play Zelda's Lullaby (glad to see the oldies still work!) to get into Zora's Domain.

Let's see what they've done with the place. And now that Saria swore eternal friendship maybe Link should pursue something with that princess... (Please no. I mean, he's probably not above it, but she should've wisened up after seven years. Hopefully.)


I guess I'll fight the Ice Queen of Narnia next!
And that'll be next time!

This was a bit of a shorter one because the boss fight took so long, but I hope it made up for it in... I don't know, dragons? Dragons are worth three episodes. And specific references! (They were, in order, references to Gwent in the Witcher 3, Persona 4, and Destiny 2: Forsaken. If you got all of them, you are my clone or something.
No seriously, we should hang.)

So see you in two weeks while you're resting from the dragon-action! (No, I'll be back, don't worry.)