Sunday Morning Game Ocarina of Time Part 33

It's Like It Doesn't Want Me To Come Back. Everything's Weird.

March 10, 2019

(I play Ocarina of Time every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. See previous parts here.)

All right, it's finally time to make our grand return to the land of Hyrule! And trust me, Link has been itching for this opportunity for months now, just waiting to get back to the hero'ing. And now, let's see what's what.

Right were were in Gerudo Fortress and had just established that it might not be the time to be here yet. And there's this big red arrow on Kakariko Village that might be important but last time I was there it was a huge fluke. But without any better clues, might as well go check it out. Maybe there's someone to talk to or something.

So I try to run but none of my controls are working. Alright then, going in to remap the controls and I fiddle a bit with remembering what button's what (since I'm remapping a Nintendo 64 controller to a PS4 controller in a very weird way that works for me). But I get it and run around and run out of the fortress
and the emulator crashes.

Well then.

Great start here.
Load back in, this time it let's me get past the loading screen and I get out to Hyrule Field, just after hearing the briefest moment of the Gerudo Music that makes me all sad I'm not there and excited about the fact that I'm going back at some point (I assume).

But to Kakariko we go and see that... oh.. there's a cutscene.

It's been on fire this whole time! While I was in Gerudo Valley!

Sheik! What did you do?! Is this because I got sidetracked?

Yes, clearly you're handling the situation well.

All's well?

Well, that's a pickle.

It's... a bit hard to see in still screenshots, but Sheik suddenly gets picked up and tossed around by an invisible force that then throws her a couple meters to the left.
A black-and-blue stream of lines then rises up from the well and slithers around the village

You can kinda see it there on the left building

It turns and twists and strikes Link who falls into the horrors of black screens.

And then the darkness overwhelms him and we wake up a while later, the village no longer burning and Sheik, somehow fine.

Time to explain what the hell that was, lady!

Oh. Didn't seem that evil, just tossed us around a bit, is all. And why? Who? What?

Whose idea was it to seal an evil spirit below a nice village and not... you know, in the Water Temple.

The game's at least up front about it this time. Maybe it's finally realized it's formulaic?

...Or maybe we're just doing everything in reverse order now. Sure thing, let's learn a song!

Sounds like a swell time. Love eternal darkness. Link's very emo.

They play a little duet together again and Link is ever amazed at his own inability to play the Ocarina.

Sheik also said the entrance to the Shadow Temple was below the graveyard, and I can't read well (as you'll soon learn) so I decide to head to the graveyard.

...I'm sorry, what?

And I don't know if you remember but we've been in this graveyard a whole lot. And there is not secret underground thing I haven't already been into. Or Inside. Or below.
So I run around and kill some ghosts and check the graves again and find the Royal Tomb exactly as dead as I remember it and not much else.

Hey, Dampé. Heard any evil spirits come about lately?

I also notice there's this ledge behind the Royal Tomb that seems relevant but there's no way to get up to it. And just as I'm searching Na'vi goes


christ. Ok, I guess I'll go check the well. So I run back, jump down, turn and

the emulator crashes.

I've now today doubled the amount of crashes I've experienced in this emulator my entire time playing.

I think it really likes me.

So, back at it from Gerudo way, jump to Kakariko, see the cutscene (unskippable, this is an old video game), and then jump straight down the well (literally)

to the bottom of the well.

As it has always been. An impenetrable wall.

Now, here's the thing: The second time watching that cutscene, I realize that Sheik says the words: "the melody that will lead you to the Shadow Temple".

Yep. I had it the whole time.

Eh, voila! On top of the graveyard (wait wasn't-- ah fuck it)

And then, inside the cavern, is this.

Which is a cool visual. I'll give it that.

But there's no clear interaction. The door doesn't open, and no obvious way to light them all on fire.

But there is this big eye on the door that's been everywhere. For example, on these rocks scattered throughout the entire game, one of which is riight next to the entrance here. Sooo I'm getting some bad ideas. Some really annoying ideas. But maybe it's finally time to see what those rocks are all about. So time to do the usual.

And... uh... turns out I was not prepared for what the usual would entail.

  • Checking them:

Displays a text that says something like "It's one-eyed gaze pierces you".

  • Hitting them with a sword:
Displays the time?

  • Hitting them with a hammer:
Flattens them. Okay.

  • Throwing a bomb at them.


  • Playing Zelda's Lullaby:

(No Image): Makes them spawn a single fairy.

Huh. Consider me aptly surprised and very confused.  I guess I never thought of interacting with them more than that. I always just thought I needed some thing I don't have yet.

And uhm, none of that did anything to the torches in the room.

So I'm back to square one. Or almost. I've learned those stones are far weirder than I thought. That's something I guess.

And that's all for now! I spent some time setting it all up again and dealing with the two crashes so it's maybe a little less progress than usual. But at least we know where to go now, if not how to get there.

I hope I don't have to go around triggering every single one of these rocks to light the torches. I really hope not.