Projects (Fall 2016)

September 11, 2016

Here we go! This one is the same as the last times.


Let’s get the big one out of the way first:
This semester I’m doing an internship with Minkette in London! Oh my god!

Yup, I’m in London right now. Sorry for not a lot of updates up here recently, but moving here and stuff has taken a while to sort that out and settle down, and I’ve been a little lazy/hesitant about writing it up here… for some reason.

Anyways, I’m going to be working on a new project with her. We don’t quite know what it is yet, but it’ll be something both digital and physical with some Escape Room antics (drawing on her previous Escape Room, most likely), but it might change a bit since we already have a few odd ideas.

It’ll be cool! And I’ll keep the world updated somehow, either here or on a separate blog (that I’ll link to when it’s up!).

This’ll no doubt take up a lot of time, so I’m not sure what time I’ll have for other projects, but I don’t think I can stop doing everything.

Also, as a bonus, I’m doing an interactive photo-log here about whatever I do in London. So far it’s been a bit touristy, since I’ve been… well, a tourist in the first few days. (I will probably have this featured better later, but right now it’s hidden in this link). And of course it’s interactive. Got to use those twine skills (?) for something.

The Book

All right. Writing this up to make myself do it. I ****ing have to. I want to finish my book this year. I set that goal to myself in the beginning of the year and I will.

Mind, that might not mean that it is “finished”, but merely that I’ll consider it done. I’ll start figuring out what to do with it, looking for potential ways of releasing, publishing, etc. And if that takes more edits before I can, I will, but at first I need it to be in a spot where I’m considering it “done.” I hope. Or at least “decent”. You know. “Readable”.

…Which of course means that right now I’m writing on a different book. (the “sequel” draft I mentioned here). I don’t know. It’s a little silly. It’s “worldbuilding” I tell myself. It sort of is. No, it definitely is. But I’m unsure how helpful it actually is to finishing current book. Which will have to happen. Because this book is definitely requiring that people have read the first one.

But I’m enjoying it. Writing the book, that is. That part’s fun.
Editing my old book? Eh. Less fun. But necessary. Work is required. Dammit.


I know. It’s bad. I doubt I’ll have the wherewithal to do it this semester either. Maybe? But I’ll be doing several narrative game projects through the internship already, and so I’m not sure doing another one will be what I’m excited about doing when I’m off work.

We’ll see. Already, this internship is opening a ton of opportunities and stuff is constantly happening that I did not expect, so I will no doubt have even less time than I anticipated.

Also, not really a project, but I’m (finally) picking up piece-writing again. Same rules as before, once every second day. Some will get uploaded. Most will not. But at least the frequency of uploads should be better than the last couple of months.

(I’ve also—for ages—thought about going back and editing up some of the pieces that were ok-but-not-great from last time around, but I never get around to doing it. I’m really bad at making myself do editing :/

Oh well, here’s to a great fall! Autumn! Whatever!