Sunday Morning Game Majora's Mask Part 20

Gather the Eggs So They Can Win the Olympic Synchronized Swimming Competition

August 22, 2020

(I play a game 1 hour every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. Currently I'm playing through Majora's Mask. See previous parts here.)

Last time, we infiltrated a Pirate fortress and found out how to gather some eggs, but left before we gathered all of them. So first things first, we go back and gather the rest.

it's some fighting

some retreating (from the pirates, I don't retreat, please)

that's a lot of guarding for one treasure. Must be something valuable (there isn't. It's just 100 rupees, or as I like to call it, 2 minutes of BALL FARMING)

some avoiding slow patrolling

and more fighting!

as you can see, the pirates got less and less confident in their ability to protect the eggs.

It didn't take long to get all the last two eggs, so with those in the bag, it's back to the tank to dump some eggs.

we straight dumpin'

...from the bottle.

The answers at the bottom of the bottle? 

I'm just digging a hole here, moving on.

that's some primo we-didn't-have-a-good-reason-for-this-and-we're-hiding-it-poorly.

Now for the more important of quests: Making sure that horny fishermen are satisfied:

you already HAD a picture like this??

No. It's mine now. You already had one apparently. (Look at link's utter condescension in his eyes during this. He has no patience for this guy.)

But he still goes through with it.

Got a seahorse! Totally worthy trade.

What? The image is... black and white, friend. Look at it:

That's black and white. Greyscale, even.

This guy might be delusional. But hey, we made him happy, and that's what matters.

Truly, one of Link's few good deeds. Let's take this seahorse to where it wants to go!

more dumpin'


These bottles are magic.

You see me carry you in a bottle, after having traded you for a picture, and that's enough for you to determine I have "strange" powers? What's normal in your world?

It begins moving through the sign-underwater-Lost-Forest maze I couldn't figure out beforehand.


I thought they said to follow the "golden fish". Emphasis on FISH. This is not a fish... Is it?
(Actually, it is I guess! Wikipedia says sea horses are in a fish family. The more you know!)

Of course.

I mean, I dunno. Seems a bit harsh to cause an entire race of sea snakes to go extinct so you can be with your friend.

Oh, you don't think that's what I'm doing?

You really haven't paid attention then.

Here's the pit

All those holes (you can also see the spokes on the minimap) contains a snake.

They sit in their holes

and when I get close

they move out, like 10 meters.

And that's it. If you don't get close, they just sit in their holes.

Sooo, yeah. Link is really killing all these snakes, because a seahorse was dumb and got too close.

Oh, and somehow, 3 eggs landed underneath these sea snakes, inside their tunnels. Which is impressive, really! Maybe these sea snakes are smarter than we think.

Anyways, I kill them with my great swimming abilities.

And doing so makes the sea horses happy:

The give a heart! And lots more hearts to each other!

...I feel like they want me to leave now.

Fine, I'll just gather the rest of the eggs and leave them be in their now empty giant pit, to... have seahorse sex.

Some more dumpin' later and the marine lab professor is also satisfied:

And then we get the greatest contender for the Olympic Gold Medal in Synchronized Swimming in AT LEAST 4 years.

The award goes toooooo:

The Zora Babies.

Look at 'em go!

...and then they align...

I don't know what it means professor! You tell me! You're the expert! Supposedly.

Oh. Ohhh noooo. Wait a minute. No, I refuse to believe it.

They're trying to communicate in morse! In sign language! They've developed their own hieroglyphs! The Zoras will take over the world!

I understand now! It's the dramatic arch of this joke! It starts great and then I don't know where to take it! It's gonna land, somewhere, kinda lukewarm! They're telling me to stop!

Oh well, crap.

I guess I gotta.... play the guitar.


But somehow I still learned the New Wave Bossa Nova from it, despite the seven children clearly trying to tell me the fate of the world.

Also... "New Wave Bossa Nova" is the soundtrack to the latest The Sims Underwater expansion.

Meanwhile, the professor is still just hyped I have a guitar. Which I get, it is pretty hype.

She had seven babies... to teach me a song?
Oh god I hope not.

Now THERE'S some weird ass logic, pal. Why?

There's no way that's gonna do anything. She's their MOTHER. If anything, she wrote this song, and that's why they know it. They come from her, remember? Why would playing it for her--

ah, fuck it.

"Hmm... that song. I remember that song.
I hated that song."


The camera moves away from this awkward encounter and does a weird zoom into the water...

...where the island, predictably, turns into a turtle.

Hey, it's not predictable that THAT island turned into a turtle. It was predictable that that was going to happen, and some point, during these games.
Always love a good island turtle.

Oh, look. Stars.

Water says NO. No look at stars!

Oh no! A turtle! My worst nightmare!

Nice. I don't think Link has slept since Na'vi woke him up in Ocarina. He, granted, had slept for his entire life before that.

No wonder she's confused. I just played a song she hates, she talked for the first time in days and then the island next to her TURNED AROUND and began talking.

Yes, that's me. Proud. Zora. Warrior. Check, check and check.
(I can't believe he didn't get one thing right. I'm none of those things)

ooooh, might? Not sure I can deliver that.

Yeah, that's too mighty for me, shell-o. I gotta bounce.

I dunno.
Soooooo, helloo, you can talk now? *Link is trying to be smooth. He's not sure it's working, but he got some great tips from the fisherman he's been dying to try out*

You laid some eggs, and they taught me a song which you then listened to. It was apparently so bad that you began speaking again AND I woke up a turtle from it's decades-long slumber.

It's real rock'n'roll over here.
But no, that doesn't explain what happened to you.

Eager to get away from that increasingly awkward conversation, Link jumps on the turtle and travels out into the ocean:

But before we get to the grim terrible places away from land, the camera cuts to some other devious adventurers, trying to do the same thing:

Let's see how they fare.

This is the next cut. I'm not skipping anything here.


They got trapped in the big dangerous tornado. That's not a problem for me, is it?


We don't get to see how, but apparently, standing on a turtle makes me immune to wind. And tornadoes.

So next time is temple time apparently!

Well, crap.