I'm Bjarke

I make games and write, both about games and not.

Here's a sample of what I do

Hello. I'm Bjarke A. Larsen (pronounced Bjar-ke, like the [Bj] in Björk, and the [-ke] in kernel, it's old Norse and means bear, which is pretty much the opposite of what I look like).

I do several things, so here's an overview:

Game Development

I've made games since 2015, starting in my studies and later in my professional life. I have been a programmer, a designer and a writer, and all three throughout my projects.

Lately, I've mostly programmed through my job as a part-time programmer for Point Voucher, where I've helped make or touched almost all their current games.

Personally, I like making text-games, the best example of this being Eravola, an interactive fiction piece about the arrival of a sage and a curse, seen through a CRT-monitor. It was made for the WAG (Write-a-Game) Challenge, and was awarded a runner-up position in the Amateur category and loved for its subtlety.

I mostly work in Unity and C#.

I’ve created some jam games, like this wizard-physics game (Giant Bomb ROM#1), or this company breakdown management game (NGJ16), or this voice-controlled game about shaking the earth as a God (GGJ17, won 3 awards at GGJ@ITU in Copenhagen).

I’ve also experimented with Twine and made some short poetic Twine pieces, like this one.


I have written seriously since 2012, where I started writing a book for the NaNoWriMo competition.
Since then, I have written a book and a half, a multitude of short stories, poems, pieces and other oddjobs of writing, mythological pieces, to fantasy, to dialogue, to surreal poems, personal musings and christmas calendars.
You can see my writing here, or if you've got less time you can check out one of the pieces here.

I write about knowledge, computers, magic and our struggle with identity—and many other things in between.
I typically write fantasy, but I focus a lot on characters and smaller, subtle stories, inspired by low fantasy, mythology, and games.


I'm a part-time Research Assistant at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, helping on the VIZARTS project, helping as a researcher in interactive storytelling. Here, I've recently published two papers, "The Story We Cannot See", on afterstories, and "'Well That Was Quick'", on storyworld adaptivity.

I've throughout my studies focused on how video games tell stories, culminating in a Master's Thesis titled "The Narrative Quality of Games and Play", an in-depth theoretical analysis of the relationship between narrative and game and how all games have can have a narrative quality through their play, mechanics, and interaction, combined with how they are presented.

During my studies, I also published two papers, the first "The Moody Mask Model", an exploration of a social simulation through masks, and the other "The Narrative Quality of Game Mechanics", the precursor to the thesis described above.
Both are published for the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) on Springer.

Beside those three major roles, I also have practical knowledge about a range of other fields within media technology, such as interaction design, signal processing (image and sound), film and screen media (fx I was part of this short film), editing, live audio production, and music.

If you have any other comments, ideas, questions, I'm right over here:

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