Sunday Morning Game Majora's Mask Part 10

I Was Promised A Nice Resort But The Mountain Doesn't Have Hot Water and All I Got Was This Broken Mirror

May 25, 2020

(I play a game 1 hour every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. Currently I'm playing through Majora's Mask. See previous parts here.)

(Sorry for doing this on a monday instead. Had a busy Sunday.)

Last time, we got a notebook and talked to some people, and tried to get a witch to make something with smelling mushrooms without success.

So this time, we're heading to the mountains! That's the plan. Tatl's wanted me to do it this whole time, so let's indulge her, shall we?

Yes, that is where I'm going. Thank you.

Looks nice enough. A little cold, maybe. I don't do good with cold. Or heat, really. Or any other weather than a mild drizzle.

oh that's a Dodongo. Right? What's that... doing here?

Woah, there's just a song, straight on the wall? Who put that there? It kinda looks like Skull Kid did because of the symbol above? So it seems like a great idea to play it. Not a trap.

It wasn't, it just gave me some rupees. Very disappointed.

Up the mountain, instead there's a wall of solid ice. But don't fret, I can shoot my bow at a big, oddly shaped ice-drop above and make it crash into the wall!

Also note, the song gave me 3 RUPEES. 3!

Almost as if someone expected me to have the bow at this point.

I go a little further, and there's another wall.

This one needs... bombs. Almost as if someone expected me to-- well I don't have bombs, okay? Maybe you're expecting too much, game.

Fine, I'll go buy some bombs. In this Zelda game. Jeez.

Oh, wait, I need money. Because I eternally need money because I keep resetting and forgetting I gave the money to Barry. Which is not that smart.

So, then commences some boring farming in the swamp as I think about how dumb this money system is.

Voila! Man, this editor is good.


Ugh, excuse me, ugh, damn, this wall is... oof... a little high. Hh. Almost there-- all right. Phew. That was hard.

Mountain village? Don't mind if I do!

Oh, that's quaint! Look at that little hut!

Is that a... frog hat?

Yep, that's a frog hat. Okay, I like you, guy. What's up?

You're cold AND hungry? Right. Which one of them do you want me to solve, exactly? I don't do well with vague orders.

Perfect, tough and chewy, coming right up. As soon as I figure out how to remotely do that.
Oh, you're gonna d-- Nahh, you'll be fine! Wait till you've had my specialty rock! I call it "Stone a la Explosion!" You've never had something this impossible to eat!

The little hut turns out to be a Smithy.

With a Dark Souls boss inside it.


Wait, who's talking here?

I know some pretty smart Deku Sticks, sooo.... that's either racist or not an insult.

AND you're lazy. Got it.

Yeah, I'm hearing excuses here, buddy. And then the assistant chimes in with some more ugh sounds, which the guy translates.

More excuses. Yeah, I'm not impressed. Clearly, the assistant knows what's what. And got the moves to back it up. He's on the Party List. No, not you, lazy bum.

I go outside again.

Yes. yes, it is. Perceptive as always, Tatl. I can also see size.

Finally, there's an icewall, I can sort of climb up but Link just decides to fall down occasionally, and I can't see any difference in the wall anywhere. So I give up and realize it's about time to call it a Third Day.

But before that, I'ma gonna look up how money works. Because I ain't spending any more time farming than necessary.

Turns out.

There's a bank.

That's a bank, apparently. Who knew?

I mean, he says this when I talk to him? That sounds like a donation? It's only the sign next to him that actually says "Bank" when you inspect it. Which I didn't. Obviously.

But okay, let's see how this works.

I deposit money and get stamped with "special stamp".

He pats me lightly on the head.

That's... Ooh, do it again. That... oh, that's nice. Thank you.

Look at this fraudster, says he runs a bank. I don't trust it. Look at him up there all "Haha I run a bank! Greatest Scam of the Century!"

I reset time to the first day and rush over to him to demand my money back.

Oh, that's... ah, all right. That feels good. Yes.

Oh snap. He remembers the money I deposited... THREE DAYS IN THE FUTURE.

It's a time-travelling bank.

How does this time stuff even work, at this point. It just makes no sense anymore. I... am almost giving up trying to explain it (which is a big defeat for me, mind you.) I just... I dunno. I'm at a loss. Nothing else in the village remembers what I've done before (except the shady mask salesman). No one remembers me, nothing sticks. Except, apparently his magical pat-stamp carries across through time and space.

No wonder it feels so good.

Anyways, that's super nice to know that I can save money there before each reset.

Back to the mountain!

I hike up the mountain trail even further until I find a big chasm.

Oh, I need a Goron JumpTM? Nice. That seems like a thing I want.

Back down and take the last path I didn't:

Goron Village? Now we're talking.

Which means that the Mountain Village had a single smithy and that was it. Because this is another village. Okay. Maybe they were shunned from the Goron village (they aren't Goron's either) and made their own village in protest.
Anyways, Goron Village:

It's also cold here. You know, maybe some of you should go indoors?

Oh. Right. I... feel sorry for you. You really drew the short end of the... rock, there.

Who's that I SPY?!

Aw, yeah, Time to Hit the Beats!


I hear you, but you're failing at giving me a good reason to care, here, bird.

I guess. For your sake. You still in for the Party, yeah?

That sounds like a yes.

In other circumstances, I'd call that cheating. In this one... nah, it's still cheating. I want to fly too.

Okay. Are you saying that if I want it bad enough, I can also have wings? Because if so I'm in.

Look at him go!

But no, turns out, he flies a set path and I need to follow him exactly to stand on some invisible platforms. Fun.

I get it after a few attempts.

Oh, I beg to differ. I rely solely on appearances, friend. I don't know how to feel anymore.

See? That's all you needed to say! I love items!

oooh, it's exciting!

It's a...... aaaa.....

Oh. The least interesting item from Ocarina of Time. Swell.

See, now there are platforms. Wait, what's--

That's a ghost.

In most previous incarnations, Link has been pretty afraid of ghosts. So let's go talk to this one!

Yes, I can.

No, can you just...

Goddammit another follow-quest.

All right. Let's go.

He goes through the village and back down to the mountain village and up the...

... OH! I can see ladders on the ice wall now. That makes sense. (No it doesn't why are they ladders only people who have a magical lens can see.)

I crawl up the wall where it goes, and there's some Gorons just standing next to the door. (AND HOW DID THEY GET UP HERE THEN??)

Oh, is it now? I wonder who that is.

Hot spring water? You don't say. That's... Unbelievable convenient. I do not believe it. Absolutely not. Impossible.

Right. Yes. That is... the right time to say that. Brrrr.

Into the grave!

Oh, nice lighting! Like the contrast. Where did you find the pillars? IKEA?

Owlboy always gets ahead of me. I've tried to tell him I don't want him to up-sell me, but that's just how it goes, you know?

Hi. I'm Link. No "The Third", no "Of the Great Valley", no "The Dashing". Just Link. Don't look me up, please. I have no other nicknames.

I can see that. I made that observation 5 minutes ago! Maybe I can be Link the Astute? I've always wanted to be astute.

You're not astute. We can agree on that much. So by relativity, I am. Good. Savy. Great. Wonderful.

Oh, Owlboy outdid himself this time. What did he tell you???

Oh, okay. That seems.... a little more doable. But you know what i said before about vague goals? You got any concrete ideas on how to actually do that?

No? Sweet. All right. This... might take a while.

Since that's all he got I try to look at the grave, and I can grab it, but not move it because it's big and made of stone.

You know, I think I found something hard and chewy for that guy! Now, just to figure out how to get it over to him... Hm...

That's a problem for next time me!

Man, imagine a bank that can withdraw money from other time-periods. What the hell. That's the most powerful financial institution in the world.

PS: Oh, and I also looked up what was up with the witch. She just sells Blue Potions after you give her that mushroom. Boring.