Sunday Morning Game Majora's Mask Part 9

Mark This Day as the Day of Link's Slow Descent into Madness as He Catalogues Every Person He's Ever Met

May 17, 2020

(I play a game 1 hour every Sunday and write what happens inaccurately. Currently I'm playing through Majora's Mask. See previous parts here.)

Last time, we finished the Swamp Temple and rescued a princess and uncovered a secret plot to undo the Deku King. So let's see how the kingdom fares.

Your days are numbered! I'm telling you! But I'm not really telling you because that would be tattle-taling and Link Don't Do That (yeah, uh, don't check the record on that).

Uhuh. I get you. You're in on it too, aren't ya?

Listen. That was your idea. You could've just WALKED here. I didn't think it was a good idea either!

Yeah? Don't worry about it, monkey. Everything's fine in the Kingdom of Deku. We've just established that.

But none of that's important because we got pig mask that can smell things and we need to test that out right now.

Great. Solid improvement. A little disappointed it didn't do more of a full Deku Makeover but I'll take it. Also Link bends down and does grunting noises when he wears it so, so far it's a 10/10 mask.

Except I can't see anything different. Nothing smells. Not even in the royal chamber, which we know is wrong, so something is up with this mask. Let's check out the swamp.

Oh, wait, here is something.

A purple blotch.
Apparently I can grab the purple blotch with my bottle.

It's a mushroom. Tinier than the eye can see when on the ground, but the bottle must have some magnification effect, but ONLY in the UI?

Let's see how the witches are doing!

Oh right. She's not here.. Ohhh right. And then I remembered the time.


It's Doom'o'clock!

Time song whoop and we're back to

*muffled screaming*

Aaah, much better.

Yeah, yeah. Tatl, I'll get there when I get there. First, I got important things to do. And some streets that has not been hit for at least 3 episodes, which will not stand.

Pop over, get a mushroom, and bring it to the witch.

Wait. My bottle got emptied because of the time-travel but the bottle stayed... Which means.... Baarrryyy. Are you eating my magic mushrooms in the time-chamber?
Tsk-tsk. You should.

(Barry is the cow that holds all my items, if you don't remember)

Oh, I should come back later? Sweet. I'll remember that. Now, for some efficient time-wasting. To Town!

who's that?

He's busy.
Let's follow him.

He's going into the Mayor's residence, walks up and speaks to the receptionist. And apparently, I can go and listen in on that conversation, which is neat. And not an invasion of privacy.

Gorman Troupe? I've heard that name before...

I smell something fishy's going on here. And no one minds me just listening in on every conversation, so I follow him as he goes into talk with the Madame. Still not an invasion of privacy.

Look at this lovable jumble of jimmies.

Ah, he's playing at the Carnival of Time. The inferior of the two upcoming parties. What a grunt.


Oh. Well. Problem solved. Want to come play at a better party? We have milk. AND cookies (once I get them).

It's a party invitation. Please accept it. Sorry it's a little stained. I spilled coffee on it.

Uh, I didn't ask you.


The Indigo-Go's?!?! Well, I NEED them my party! Tell me more. Also, here's my card. Don't mind the smell.

An unusual accident? Say no more. I specialize in unusual accidents. It's a bit of a hobby, really.

That's ok. I don't need lyrics at my party. We can roll with instrumentals.

No, please. I live for specifics.

Great! Excellent! That must mean they have time to perform, yes?

Wait, what's that got to do with the Gorman Troupe's job?

I'm confused.

Uhhh. So because one band can't play, none of them can? Who's the diva now?!

What the hell. Okay, I'm angry now. I'm gonna fix it. Screw my party, I'm gonna show them they can play. With or without lyrics! All of you can play!

...But that's about all I can do in there, so I bounce out and look for trouble.

And that's when I remember I got another song for completing the Temple. "Oath to Order". And I know one place in sore need for some order, and that's the Mayor's Room, where they're debating whether to evacuate the town. I jump in, rouse their hearts and souls with the greatest melody anyone has ever conceived.

And they all come to terms with their differences and ...

No, they seem pretty uncaring. I must admit. Dammit. I'll come back soon! Even stronger!

Next victim of my anger:

Yeah, that's right "Bomber kid" I'm not here to play around. Last time I shot your balloon with bubbles. This time.

I'm popping your fucking baloon, Jimmy.

He, apparently thinks it's cool. And I have to so fun hide-and-seek again.

Which I do becuase I remember that last time they said I couldn't be part of the crew because I was a scrub. Which I am no longer. Sooooo.... maybe now I can be part of the cool gang?

And by the power of writing, I catch them all.

Yay! I'm cool now! Look mom! I have friends!


Who... who is my mom?

Oh no.


thanks, guys. ima go cry.

Oh. Oh! A thing!


THAT'S.... Okay, wow. Daamn.

And then they list the rules I already heard one say earlier about how i should mark when I make people happy and stuff.

Ok, not quite sure what this means exactly, yet.
And then I open the book in my inventory

WOOAAAH. That's WAY more than I expected out of this game! Holy shit. It's got a schedule and everything! Wow.

Which, okay, to be real, a little creepy, there guys. That's you're keeping track of everyone's whereabouts at all times. And also now, Link is doing the same but he's not above it, we know that already. But... lliiittle creepy there. Don't think too hard about it. Just... Okay? Hmmm. All right.

And then I am not ashamed to admit I spent the next 20 minutes running around and adding people to my notebook.

There's Gorman

The emulator, by the way, messed up and rendered the page on the side bar, which meant I had to un-and-re-fullscreen the game every time I went into the notebook to not have that be permanently on every screenshot.

and Anju, the innkeeper (which, by the way, Anju is also the one getting married, if you remember. I think.)

and the Rosa sisters

and of course, of course, we all know him and love him:

The Wandering Runni--W... Postman? Dunno why Link is keeping it professional in his own book. He can write the real name. But I guess postman is shorter to write.

And the curiosity shop owner

I tried to sell him my camera. I don't need it anymore. My photography career is over. It already peaked.

And many others, but it was night and shops were closed. I'll find the rest, you can be assured!

Then I head back to the witch, thinking time must've passed about now. It's the next day! How long does it take to make a potion? Or whatever she's making.

Oh, right. She leaves. To go get her sister in the woods, who's hurt again because of... days. :/ Okay, then.

I find her, remember that I also need a bottle of red juice, run back to town, get that, back to the forest, deliver the thing, go back to the witches hut and...

She... just wants more mushrooms... 

And finding another and giving it to her just sells it to her and gives me some rupees.

Hmm, well that was disappointing. Maybe I have to wait until the third day.

But I'll do that neext time!

Sorry this episode was maybe a little shorter, but I spent a long time just running around, first for the hide and seek and notebook-ing and then for this back-and-forth with the witches. Could've gone smoother, I guess. But hey, I got a cool notebook! That's crazy!

This definitely feels like a much more modern mechanic than this game otherwise warrants. It's very cool. This game is just very cool (as long as I'm inside the town, anything outside just seems to be More Ocarina. Which is less exciting). But I guess we should go up and check out the mountains next time, also.

(this was, according to my CMS, my 69th Sunday morning game. Nice.)